Xaros Orthysia Constantine Sulaco of House Myr'Eth

A navigator from the shrouded house of Myr'Eth, Xaros heeds the call to serve his old family friends in rebuilding both their dynasties.


Xaros Orthysia Constantine Sulaco of House Myr’Eth

Shrouded House Navigator:
Destitute: -1 Profit margin (+1 from duty bound though, so it evens out).
Gaze to pierce the soul: Get Gaze into the Abyss free, may raise to paragon status.
Mercantile Opportunists: +10 to Barter, Charm, and Carouse checks.

Origin Path: Void born, Stubjack, Duty bound (to dynasty), The Hand of War (with permission), Pride

WS: 32 (7)
BS: 47 (17) (5 stubjack)
S: 29 (9) (-5 void born)
T: 41 (16) (-3 duty bound,
3 Pride)
A: 35 (10)
I: 40 (15)
P: 47 (17) (5 simple advance)
W: 53 (18) (
5 void born, +5 simple advance)
F: 25 (5) (-5 stubjack)

Wounds: 10
Fate Points: 4
Insanity: 1 (stubjack)

Awareness (100xp)
Common lore (Navis Noblite), int,
Ciphers (Navis Noblite, 100xp)
Forbidden Lore (Navigator, Warp), int
Intimidate (from stubjack)
Literacy, int
Navigation (stellar, warp), int
Psyniscience, per
Scholastic Lore (astromancy), Int
Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, and Ship Dialect), int
Trade (Astrographer, 100xp)

Flamer Weapon training (basic, from hand of war)
Hatred (Chaos Worshipers, from hand of war)
Pistol Weapon Training (universal)
Quick Draw (from stubjack)
Rival (rogue trader family, from Duty Bound)

Strange Vitality (Gain the regeneration Trait)

The Lidless Stare
Gaze into the Abyss (from house)
Stripping the Husk

Powers to be acquired:
Disrupting the Empyrean
Void Watcher

Gear: Best Craftsmanship Flamer (Mezoa pattern), Best Craftsmanship Hellpistol, Best Craftsmanship Metal Staff, Best Craftsmanship Xeno-mesh Armour, Emperors Tarot Deck, Silk Headscarf, Nobilite Robes, charm, Micro-bead.


Xaros Orthysia Constantine Sulaco of House Myr'Eth

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