Sawyer Aegius

The seneschal of house Aegius


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Career: Seneschal

WS: Yes.
BS: Like nobody’s business.
S: You know it.
T: Of course.
Ag: Damn straight he is.
Int: Shut yo’ mouth.
Per: More Than You.
WP: Like a rock.
Fel: Women want him, men want to be him. Except for some, who want him. Which is fine, he just doesn’t lean that way.

Skills: All of them.

Talents: Like you wouldn’t believe.

Weapons: A Grand High Poobah Crafted Melta Pistol, “We’re All Gonna Die Because I Can Shoot Through the Hull” pattern. Some kinda rifle thingie. Some kinda melee weapon of “awesome but not quite so awesome that there isn’t room for improvement.” Oh, and Steve.

Gear: Spy stuff. Assassin stuff. Cloak of Invisibility. And I had a helmet, dammit! Worked hard for that thing…

Rank: Lord-Captain. Well, he coulda been. But he decided he wanted more freedom, so he passed up the gig and settled nicely into the role of Darkshadow Stalkerblade, Riftvoidkiller of Doom. I mean, Seneschal. Totally just the seneschal. He doesn’t have lightsaber claws. Really. And he’s totally not standing right behind you.

Wounds: Psh-he’s fiiiiiiiiiiine.
Fate Points: HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE. And this one time? Some fates ’’totally’’ dueled over him. The Awesome One won.


Sawyer was the only son of an only son, a direct descendant of the younger son of the Aegius line. As such, loyalty and service to the house were drilled into him from the day he was born. A quiet and observant child, Sawyer was sent to school on a number of worlds—agrarian planets to learn of production and raw resources, hive worlds to learn of politics, court, and industry, death worlds to learn survival and cunning. To be clear: Sawyer never showed superhuman capabilities. He was always thoughtful, always ruthless, and always thorough, however.

When he was a young adult, Sawyer was traded to House Yastobaal as part of a hostage exchange enforced by the Empire in an effort to “quiet down the sector” for a bit. Sawyer spent a good five years being entertained by the rival house while House Aegius kept one Valeria Yastobaal, one of the younger children of the Yastobaal Family Prime.

The stay with house Yastobaal transformed the young Sawyer from a cautious and studied youth into an outright paranoid. While consistently treated with nothing but courtesy, Sawyer could plainly see the seething hatred for his family that permeated house Yastobaal like a cancer. And while Sawyer learned quickly how to navigate the Yastobaal holdings, how to visit places he was never meant to see, how to hear things he was never meant to know—he was never able to discover the root cause of his hosts’ enmity.

Perhaps the only other aspect of Sawyer’s confinement worth noting was his relationship with Yarrow.

The youngest of the Yastobaal sisters, Yarrow had a temperament quite similar to Sawyer’s in many ways. She was quiet, and studious, and precociously (some might say frightfully) intelligent. And despite the enmity between their two houses, Sawyer and Yarrow entered into… well, it wasn’t exactly friendship. And it wasn’t exactly a romance. And it wasn’t exactly a rivalry. But where you could find one, you were quite likely to find the other, quietly working to support or oppose the efforts of the other. Such actions were “politely” discouraged by the Yastobaal household, Sawyer being led towards other pursuits, Yarrow occasionally sporting black eyes or broken limbs. Such happenings made little difference to the two young people, though, and their byzantine relationship continued apace through coded messages, secret meetings, and “accidental” run ins.

Once the five years of the exchange were through, Sawyer was put on a ship heading back to House Aegius holdings. Regrettably, the trip was somewhat eventful, and Sawyer was one of the very few survivors. When the ship was found adrift near its destination, damaged by what appeared to be highly caustic acids and terrible claw marks, the captain of a salvage crew was quite surprised when Sawyer burst from an airvent and took the man hostage with a scavenged melta pistol. After proper terms were negotiated, Sawyer released the Captain and was promptly delivered to his family proper.

Sawyer spent the next few years reacquainting himself with the then-current holdings and positions of House Aegius. When the Aegean was recovered after The Catastrophe, Sawyer was quite ready to assume his position as part of the Bridge Crew aboard the storied vessel. After a moment of quiet contemplation for his departed parents, he faced the future with clear eyes and steady mind, content to serve the his Lord Captain, his Ship, and his House to the best of his abilities.

Sawyer Aegius

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