Lord Captain Garrus Sebastion Aegius XVI

Lord of Hightower and Master of the Aegean


Garrus Aegius
Career: Rogue Trader

WS: 51
BS: 36
S: 37
T: 33
Ag: 36
WP: 34

Skills: Awareness, Charm, Ciphers (RT), Command +10, Commerce, Common Lore: Imperium, Rogue Trader, and Imperial Navy, Drive: Ground Vehicles, Evaluate, Inquiry, Literacy, Pilot: Space Craft, Scholastic Lore: Astromancy, Speak Language: High Gothic, Low Gothic and Trader Cant, Tech-Use.

Talents: Air of Authority, Pistol Weapon Training, Melee Weapon Training, Peer: Imperial Navy, Talented: Dodge, Die Hard, Talented Command, Ambidextrous, Renowned Warrant

Weapons: Mars-Pattern Naval Pistol, Mordian-Pattern Power Sword

Gear: Enforcer Light Carapace Armour, Void Suit, Micro-Bead, Old Imperial Navy Officers uniform.

Rank: Lord-Captain

Wounds: 10
Fate Points: 4
Profit Factor: 26


Born the second son to the ancient dynasty of House Aegius, Garrus realized his choices where few inside the family structure. His brother Marius was by right being groomed for the position of Lord-Captain, and the position of Seneschal being fulfilled by his cousin. Garrus instead chose to bring honor to his family name by service in the Imperial Navy. While his career was short for a career officer, Garrus excelled in the position of command. By the age of 37 the squadron commander –by then almost a father figure- was so impressed that Garrus he was granted the dubious honor of commanding The Hyperion a frigate that had it’s more conventional weapons replaced with hangers for fighter craft. Despite the unconventional weaponry the ship earned a solid reputation for helping drive the Ork pirate vessel The ‘ungry Ghost west and out of the sector. The victory was a coup for the squadron although the losses where staggering in the terms of personnel, the few survivors of the fighter wings quietly leaving the service and finding work across the sector. It would be four years later that both Garrus’ elder brother and father died on the bridge of the Agean, ending his military career and beginning his new life as a patriarch of his house.

Lord Captain Garrus Sebastion Aegius XVI

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