Cmdr. Eliza Brighton

Ex-Imperial Navy fighter pilot, Sky Marshall on the Aegean


Commander Eliza Wynne “Nike” Brighton
Career: Void Master

WS: 33
BS: 49
S: 35
T: 35
Ag: 57
Int: 30
Per: 36
WP: 49
Fel: 44

Skills: I don’t understand what should put here. Hopefully I did it right!
Awareness – Trained
Barter – Basic
Carouse – Basic
Charm – Basic
Climb – Basic
Command – Trained
Common Lore: Imperial Navy – Trained
Common Lore: War – Trained
Concealment – Basic
Contortionist – Basic
Deceive – Basic
Disguise – Basic
Dodge – Trained
Drive: ground – Trained
Evaluate – Basic
Forbidden Lore: Xenos – Trained
Gamble – Trained
Inquiry – Basic
Intimidate – Basic
Literacy – Trained
Logic – Basic
Navigation: Stellar – Trained
Pilot: Spacecraft – Trained
Pilot: Fliers – Trained
Scholastic Lore: Astromancy – Trained
Scrutiny – Trained
Search – Basic
Secret Tongue: Rogue Trader – Basic
Security – Basic
Silent Move – Basic
Speak Language: Low Gothic – Trained
Swim – Basic
Trade: Voidfarer – Trained

Officer On Deck
Void Accustomed
Ship-bound Fighter
Armor of Contempt
Hatred: Orks
Pistol Weapon Training
Melee Weapon Training
Nerves of Steel
Sound Constitution

Weapons: Power sword, bolt pistol. (I should probably know “patterns” or something, but I don’t have it written on my sheet.)

Gear: guard flak armor, microbead, void suit, deck of cards, rebreather, Imperial Navy uniform, 2 bottles of amasec, pict recorder, vox caster, selenite void suit

Rank: 1

Wounds: 12
Fate Points: 3


Being born among the Battlefleet, Eliza has always been surrounded by the sterile scent of scrubbed oxygen, the comforting hum of a moving voidship, cold metal corridors separating life from the Warp, and the sight of innumerable lights in the darkness outside. Like her parents, she eventually became an Imperial Navy officer among so many serving the Emperor. Her affinity for weightlessness and knack for piloting craft in zero gravity gave her a promising career as a fighter pilot, albeit one with a ceiling for a female officer.

Of course, there were battles, but none so life-changing as the one with the ’Ungry Ghost. By that time, Eliza had served as a lieutenant pilot on The Hyperion for many years, much of the crew becoming like family to her. Garrus Aegius had been given command of the ship a few years before and was sent along with several other Navy vessels to dispose of ’Ungry Ghost, a monstrous Ork ship plaguing the sector. It was a horrific fight with limited results. The Imperials managed to drive off the Orks but not destroy them, and with heavy losses. The Hyperion suffered the most casualties as their main weapon system was fighters rather than mounted guns.

Before falling unconscious, Eliza looked through her cracked and smeared windshield where Racer’s body had rather ghoulishly struck her fighter. The last thing she saw was the floating debris of her comrades and the looming white skull of the Ork ship disappearing into the void as it slipped into the Warp.

By the time the ships of the expedition limped back to port, the pilots’ grief had settled into a deep rage. Their petition to go back out to hunt the Orks and avenge their friends was denied in favor of “other, more competent” Navy ships. Many of them left the Navy then, including Garrus Aegius for another reason—he had received news that he would take up the Warrant of Trade for his House, heading back in the right direction. Had Eliza been thinking clearly, she would have known it was bad form to impose oneself on a Rogue Trader. She may not have cornered him in the hallway and demanded to be taken aboard the Aegean under whatever condition. He agreed, perhaps out of his inexperience, perhaps because of her potential…

Cmdr. Eliza Brighton

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