Sins of the Father

The First and Final Day

Dry Dock, Opus Macharius [Calixis Sector]: 998.1-M41

Everybody gonna pray
On the very last day,
When they that hear that bell
Ring the world away.
Everybody gonna pray to the heavens
On Judgement Day.
~“Very Last Day”
An excerpt from an old (and heretical) folk song

The ancient monolith awaited it’s new master.
The Aegean, considered a cursed ship by many voidsmen, is the flagship and seat of a once great house of Rogue Traders. Only the most unwary scions of House Aegius met untimely ends at the hands of their own ship. The wise, however, respected the ship and knew it for what it was; a hungry beast and a murderer. Many were the offerings that have been served up to it’s ravenous appetite, but none so dramatic as the death of the late Rogue Trader, Lord-Captain Marius Aegius X.

Captain, heir, counselors, and deckhands were found frozen to death on the command deck not one month ago. Long time voidsmen, residents, and even stowaways have fled the seemingly accursed ship leaving even the closest of possessions behind in blind fear. Only those who have never known any other home have remained behind, familiar as they are with the bloody and capricious nature of the vessel.

Now, the Aegean sleeps, content to await a new captain.


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