Sins of the Father

The Calm Before the Storm

Port Wander, Rubycon II System [Calixis Sector]: 998.2-M41

“It is the beast that swallows the apostate, the doubter, and all who
ship with them. Better to slay the unfaithful than risk the dread Maw
whilst such false wretches draw breath."
~Opening lines of the Voidfarer’s Warning from the Drusian Play

The Koronus Passage sits as the only link between the Calixis Sector and the Koronus Expanse.
However, it lives on in the hearts of many a voidfarer with an air of fear and respect. Coloquially (and superstitiously) referred to as “the Maw”, the Koronus Passage is symbolized as a great beast comprised of warp storms that ebb and flow with savage beauty. Many explorers have been destroyed simply by heeding it’s intoxicating call and being eaten whole.

Port Wander, a great sentinel and waystation that guards the passage, is the last real bastion of imperial civilisation. Here, upon the very decks of the space station, is the calm before the storm.

It is a place of solace before the Rogue Traders venture Into the Maw.


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